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An example of a poor-quality designer dress cheap knock-off/copy.

Counterfeit Designer Dresses

(is it really worth it?)

Your big day is coming up and you've been looking at wedding dresses on the internet. Most of the sites sell not only wedding dresses, but prom dresses and all types of other formal wear. A few websites will have dresses that are so beautiful and with an amazingly low price...

Watch out. You may about to be scammed.

You should always, Always look to see the country of manufacture. I hate to say it, but many websites dealing with clothing from China steal the pictures of clothing from legitimate designers and post these same pictures on their own websites. Then with cheap, shoddy materials and poor workmanship, they create an awful looking product to send back to you. Some do not even send you a bad looking dress at all. They just take your money and never send you anything. Stories are all over the internet of upset brides-to-be unable to contact the company, never getting through on the phone or emails, or constantly told it's on back order for months.

One way you can protect yourself is this:

  1. ALWAYS deal only with Australian businesses. Australian consumer protection laws do not apply in overseas countries. So, if you spend your hard earned cash with an overseas website, and the dress doesn’t show up, or, doesn’t look anything like the one that you ordered, or the dress is really bad quality – there is very little you can do to get your money back.
  2. Look for reviews of sites from other sources. If it seems packed with people who are happy with their products, this is often part of the scam.You many start noticing that certain sites look familiar. These sites often pay for fake reviews.
  3. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. If it has NO REVIEWS at all, that probably means that website has recently changed.
  4. You should only buy designer dresses from authorised retail outlets for peace of mind and customer satisfaction. You cannot buy a genuine designer brand wedding dress online unless they are being sold privately second-hand.

Buying online from overseas, you risk;

  • your dress not arriving on time
  • your dress not arriving at all
  • the dress is the wrong colour
  • the dress is the wrong size
  • the dress doesn't look anything like the picture
  • the dress is made from poor-quality material
  • the dress is sewn poorly or even just glued together
  • the bling is glued on, not sewn
  • not getting your money back
  • not being protected by Australian Consumer Law

You should look your best on your wedding day. If the high price of a designer dress is causing you to look to cheap knock-offs, then it may help you to take into account that Island Brides offers a payment plan to help ease the financial burden.

If you feel you have been scammed, contact